OneX Sensor - Monitor in Real-Time the Impact of Your Diet and Lifestyle

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OneX Sensor

Monitor in Real-Time the Impact of Your Diet and Lifestyle



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Hunter's comment

monitor in real-time the impact of your diet and lifestyle on your body

Perfect Health is one of our ultimate goals in life, if you don't have health you probably have nothing to be honest. Which is all the more reason we should closely monitor it and be informed every step of the way.

OneX Sensor helps us to ensure we are in the know, real-time, when it comes to our health. It is literally Your Health in the palm of your hand, to help you achieve optimal health.

Using state of the art patent-pending scanning technology, One X allows you to read and track your antioxidant levels in your skin: a smart and reactive measure of your overall health. Get instant feedback on how your diet and lifestyle habits impact your body to make smarter, more healthful choices and get back on the path towards long-term health.



Hunter: @elsiekjay

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This product is to get as I definitely need this to monitor my diet and life style to make sure I keep fit. @elsiekjay this is a cool hunt. Love it.

Really such a very perfect hunt.I totally impressed for your Hunt.this is very great product.This product check your health very easily.this is very great technology. Very easy to connect your cell phone.very great connecting system with your thumb in only 20 sec.your daily health update on your cel phone.this is very useful product. Hopefully affordable price of this product. Everyone likes this Amazing product. Wonderful hunt sir.thanks for sharing.

Yayy!! I would also love to have this one. Though I am not on a diet today, I do love to have diet soon!

Hello @elsiekjay,

Here is my review about OneX Sensor


  • Superb idea to regulate one's health in an effective way
  • Regulates one's behavior as per one's habit of eating and the diet one uses
  • Easily tells one what to use and what not to use to maintain the standard health status
  • Provides instant feedback to make a difference between what is useful and what not is useful according to one's temperament
  • Quite simple and very easy to use


  • Did not find for any

Health is the finest blessing of the God and to maintain the finest health depends upon the lifestyle of anyone. Wonderful Hunt :)

I really like this product, still give the best in this hunt! Cheers.

Great hunt my friend @elsiekjay. This is very unique product for sure. I will do more research on this to get more idea about this.

Monitoring the impact of the diet will motivate the people, they can understand easily what they should do and what they shouldn't do. Great hunt.

wow that's so fantastic item, I am very pleased to have this one because good health is necessary for everyone. Great hunt thumbs up.

Hi @elsiekjay
Is a great device for supporting our health today. Very closed, get report by connecting on the smartphone. Yeaah.. one X sensor will help to tracking our health lifestyles.


interesting, I love the easy way to measure our health with this device, good hunting


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