Did you Know You Can Earn Extra Hunt Tokens Daily?Chrome Extension VS Shuffle Button Airdrop

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Hey Guys!

It's that time again where I give you some @steemhunt knowledge for the takers. Last 2 weeks or so, Steemhunt launched thiss 2 amazing opportunities for us to earn extra hunt tokens! How Amazing is that? No need for anyone to be missing out.


▶️ DTube
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hello :) , i have a question, i can not upload in dtube , i wanted to ask someone who is uploading earlier, and i saw you.... , do you know the reason ? :) i tried with my posting key , but it doesn't work also , i have daily dtube drawings,, but cant upload since 2 days ..


I have problems as well, I don't get the progress bar of the upload.


Hi @li-art,
You can use the @steem-plus extension. Works for Chrome, Firefox and Opera. Just sign in with Steem connect to Steem Plus and go to the pecil icon (creat new post). Then go to the tap (the # field) and put in dtube (then space tab) and a upload option appears! From there one everything is easy explained. Btw as a great side affect, you will earn SPP (Steem Plus Points) on top of your normal upvotes! This great @steem-plus add on is made by our dear Witness @stoodkev.
Have fun and looking forward to see your @dtube video online ;)
Greetings from Barcelona