Brailliac - Braille Tutor- Fast, Free, and Fun Way to Learn Braille

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Braille Tutor- Fast, Free, and Fun Way to Learn Braille



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There's a lot of things in life that we probably don't take a minute to think about when it is not necessarily affecting us directly, such as the lack of vision right? Can you imagine waking up one day only to find you cannot see anymore or are visually impaired, devastating right? Now imagine what those that have to live like that go through?

Life is not necessarily fair either but we must be considerate of others. Do you know anyone who's been looking for a great tool to learn braille or someone who needs it more than you do?

Then I highly encourage you to present this app to them. The Brailliac App is not only great to learn with, but could be a great tool for those who are learning braille in order to tutor others.

Choose from a selection of amazing Braille codes and languages, Targeted Practise Mode, Challenge Mode, Translation Mode, etc


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