AppCoins - Token for the mobile application economy

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Token for the mobile application economy



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Aptoide, a social applications store that has more than 200 million users has created Appcoins.

AppCoins is:

The AppCoin tokens ("APPC Tokens") are tokens compatible with ERC-20 distributed in the Ethereum blockchain in compliance with a smart contract ERC-20. The aim of the AppCoins is that they are used in the blockchain platform of AppCoins to carry out transactions in the ecosystem of the app stores.

With Appcoins, both the user and the application developers can obtain benefits in an easy, efficient and fair way, without intermediaries.

The user can earn AppCoins cryptocurrencies through actions within favorite applications or games, so he is being paid to interact.

The developer gets more profits by including the AppCoins protocol within his application since he does not have to pay anything to third parties to include payment systems within his applications, so he will receive his earnings directly through APPC.



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