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Novelist app helps you write your novels, Plot, write, organize, and schedule. Novelist will help you with all these processes.
Its advanced features :

Write on Web on any browser
▪ Generate and use templates when creating new books
▪ Backup and restore with Google Drive (automatic too)
▪ Book compilation in EPUB, ODT or HTML format
▪ Complete book preview without leaving the application
▪ Rich text editor with format, counters and autosave
▪ Insert and review comments in texts
▪ View and restore previous text versions
▪ Comfortable night mode.


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It sounds like a good idea in theory, but I am not sure that novels can be written according to templates, though there are of course some universal themes that govern all fiction.

It's nice to see these apps helping people to write stuff o the go. Who knows if the ext best seller would be written like that. Who knows if it'd be you dear reader :)


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