Spreadr - Amazon Importer - Import any products from Amazon to your Shops store in click

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Spreadr - Amazon Importer

Import any products from Amazon to your Shops store in click



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Spreadr - Amazon Importer

How does it work?

  • Import any product from Amazon Your visitors can view & buy the products. Orders get fulfilled by Amazon.
  • Amazon pays you commission for each sale.
  • Signup for Amazon Affiliate Program-its free.
  • You can track orders and commissions in the dashboard

Expand your store with products

Choose from over a million products available on Amazon to add to your product catalog. Add products to complement your store with your brand. Make it larger & valuable.

More products more traffic

Modify the product title and description imported to your store. Pages with optimized descriptions leads SEO and increase in organic traffic.

Hassle-free new revenue stream

While Amazon manages inventory, customer support and shipping, you get up to 10% as commission from all qualifying purchases.

Dropshipping business with Amazon

The affiliate income, you can use Spreadr Amazon as the drop-shipping source. Instead of linking out to Amazon.




Hunter: @einstei1


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Hi @einstei1,
Thanks for always your share the great hunt in steemhunt. I already looking forward to your next hunt :)

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Thanks for your tremendous behavior @shaphir

Welcome @einstei1 :)

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@shaphir I still not receive the upvote as i am in 23 on the list

I posted a hunt, but it has not been upvoted by Steemhunt. Why?


  1. Please check if you had got a comment from a moderator. This will give clearity if you had been verified or not. A de-listed hunt will not get an upvote from Steemhunt
  2. Please check your hunters level. (Go to Steemhunt and My Profile to check your hunters level). If your hunters level had been under Level 1 at the day of your hunt, Steemhunt will not upvote your hunt.
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Please you check why you don't get upvote!

With this one, importation is made really easy and then, it's moved directly to your shop. Thanks for the hunt, it was really helpful!

Hi @einstei1,

Thanks for your hunt. I’ve reviewed and approved it. The hunt is on.

Thanks for approving my hunt

@fkmayhem i still not received the vote as i am on 23 in the list

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Upvotes depends on hunter level. Read the FAQ channel in discord or the ABV2.0 announcement.

Edit: also, we mods merely review hunts for Posting Guidelines compliance. We do not upvote. All that happens automatically.

I Waste My time Really @fknmayhem

(1) Import is now easy.
(2) It can also save a lot of time.
(3) 7 day trial is also available.

Thank you...steem on that hunt...

Spreadr - Amazon Importer is a great hunt for the shop owners. Thanks for sharing. Awesome hunt.

Thanks for your support

This is great.
Another avenue to expand ones product and extend services.

I love Spreadr - Amazon Importer as it gives one opportunity to import product from Amazon.

Thanks for this

You win, I win, Everybody wins. Amazon wins, mouth to mouth, easy work for Amazon, Gimme da monies now, Jeff Bezos; Greato!

Thanks sir for your tremendous behavior @jonsnow1983

I always wanted to sell on the Amazon site. I have not even had this opportunity once. For this reason I reviwed the product and took care of it. Nice and handy. It contributes to organic traffic. Cool hunt.

I like shopping on Amazon and Spreadr - Amazon Importer would be perfect to import any products to the Shops ( Even I don't have a Shop, LoL).

Hey @einstei1, these a cool website to try with. Easy way of sorting what you would like to buy or to order. Great!

Having a 7 day trial version is a good advantage. It provides ease of use for Amazon. If it was a completely free product, it could be better. It has many features for your store. Overall a good system.

Thanks All Of You Guys You support me

You can now get goods in a really good and save way without much waste of time. This hunt is really helpful for importers. Thanks for the hunt!

This is a great hunt.
Am reading about Spreadr - Amazon Importer here for the first time and I love it.

I never knew there is a way we can import products from Amazon.

Keep hunting

Thanks You Like My Hunt

Great Hunt

It is very useful for sellers and buyers. I like it.

nice post good luck

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