Vuzix Blade Augmented Reality - Looking into the future of smart glasses

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Vuzix Blade Augmented Reality

Looking into the future of smart glasses



Vuzix-Blade-Features (1).png


Hunter's comment

Looking or thinking about the future of augumented reality? Look no further, the vuzix combines style and technology into something simply futuristic!

This innovation from Vuzix can simply be described as not only remarkable but a mega game changer. Quite affordable, this smartglass actually helps limit the use of your smart phone as it basically performs almost similar functions.

Sporting an inbuilt 8 megapixel camera and voice control capabilities, this gadget is the Jay Z of glasses. It's easy to use features actually makes this gadget practically dummy proof.

Furthermore, in this digital age we've found ourselves, we have to strike the perfect balance between fashion and technology and like I stated earlier on, the sporty design of this glass makes it not only beautiful but gives it a unisex look.

The features are even further summarized into bullet points below:

  • Easy to use features.
  • Clear camera.
  • Inpressive processing power.
  • Voice and gesture control features
  • Sporting design, noise cancellation capabilities and wireless connection features.
  • Battery requires more work.
  • It's fragile nature.



Hunter: @ehiboss

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Amazing product, the advertising video is great.

  • it is the first augmented reality eyewear. Nice.
  • this smart gadget assist you with informations at your work place. this eye screen gives you the functionality of hands free mobile computing advantage.
  • the lenses of the goggles work as a high resolution, see thru screen. No one can't recognize that you are watching something on your goggles lenses/screen.
  • it comes with 8 megapixel high quality HD camera, you can record video at 1080 pixel just on one touch, without delay the moment.
  • awesome control functionality:- it is equipped with Voice control,
    Haptic vibration alert, touch pad with gesture, Head motion trackers,Remote control app for both Android & iOS devices wow.
  • lenses are of UV guards standard, you can choose the color of lenses.
  • with your phone in your pocket vuzix blade allowed you to take calls, view messages and respond to them and share videos; all this with the still phone in your pocket.
  • this makes you feel as a spy next door :)
    No one,
    It's all Good.

Hi @ehiboss,

Thanks for your hunt. Sadly enough I can not approve it as the Vuzix Blades have been previously hunted already. Please make sure to always check whether a product has been previously hunted already before submitting it.

Wow, it looks cool.


  • easy to use features
  • has clear camera
  • supports voice and gesture control
  • fabulous design


  • none for this hunt.

Thanks for your hunt


  • It is very so easy to use and understandable
  • It has a very clear camera
  • It has a very good processing power
  • It has a built-in voice and gesture control features
  • It has a supporting design, noice cancellation capabilities and wireless connection


  • I can’t think of any cons at the moment since this is really an awesome thing!

Good hunt! Congrats! :-)

maybe if the glasses that I wear, I will get cool: D

because in addition to the cool shape, other supporting features are very sophisticated.

but I think there are some pros and cons:


  • the shape is cool and interesting
  • the supporting features are very powerful and sophisticated
  • anyone who uses it will definitely grow handsome


  • because these sunglasses are black, may be less suitable for use at night

Wooo, sounds awesome O.O at least in the description. I wonder to what extent it has been developed. I want this. :3

It reminds me that the Ready Player One movie was launched just a few months ago and it was a super hit.

Great hunt my friend! Always good hunts to find, will follow your trail! And look by as often as I can!

Crazy how far technology gets day by day! Scares me a little hahha... But also makes it really interesting!


  • Has it's own 8MP camera
  • The Look of the camera is better than any other AR
  • Affordable price


  • No the best battery

Amazing how fast we’re evolving

This is awesome, technology is really making life and things easier than they were some years ago.

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