Why Powerful Professional Women Don't Compare Themselves.

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Comparison is as almost impossible to avoid if you are a living, breathing human being. We're bombarded with pictures of optimistic ladies from social medias, marketing and TV, which can make even the most secure, cheerful lady feel incompetent.

During performance reviews, the companies we work at usually, verifiably set workers against workers to figure out who gets raises, promotions and firings. Being compared with your companions is the standard that is being used.

It's not an astonishing fact, that we fall into the habit for comparing ourselves with those around us. In most cases, it's a survival of the fittest. We live in a world where individuals need consistent criticism and feedbacks, so comparing yourself with people around you can certify where you stand in the ranking order.

I'm all for being ambitious and centered around self-change, however sooner or later it winds up unfortunate and ineffective to endeavor to be like other individuals. Badass women know this. What's more, unexpectedly, they are frequently the ladies that other ladies are endeavoring to be like.

Rebel ladies minds are tuned in to what it takes to ascend to the best and be effective and admired. They pick up on social cues in their organizations and understand the aptitudes and skills their boss admires and rewards. They identify and know who the influencers and decision makers are and have individual relationships with them. They recognize and fabricate relationships with essential mentors and leaders.

Other ladies - the ones who feel insulted, overlooked, exhausted, stuck and even disregarded - are accomplishing something different. Some of them flounder in their circumstances and grieve about them. Others are working in parts that are misaligned with their abilities and still don't know it. Still others have never taken a day out from their everyday schedule and think about the master plan to create a bigger picture.

And every one of them at one point in their lives have thought: Why her and not me? Come on, we've all thought of it before.

In any case, while a few ladies arrange a pity gathering or feel angry or insufficient in light of the fact that their associates are getting more attention and regard, powerful professional ladies don't take note.

That is because they are centered around their own game. They have their own strategic plan and a motivation to get there. They have put effort into building essential connections and social capital, and they don't have the time to compare themselves with others. They are busy leading the way.

So, next time before you begin comparing yourself with somebody at work, ask yourself:

  1. Am I truly doing all that I can to get seen, respected and advanced?

  2. Are my abilities and passion aligned to the work I'm doing, and to the path I seek to pursue?

  3. Have I established the right connections?

In the event where you answered “no" to any of these questions, then you still have work to do. No measure of examination is regularly going to close that hole.

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