Viberate - Comprehensive Music Resource 4 Fans & Pros - Earn Crypto

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Comprehensive Music Resource 4 Fans & Pros - Earn Crypto



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Hunter's comment

Viberate provides a comprehensive and curated database of Events, Artists, Venues, Promoters and Agencies.

Kinda the LinkedIn++ of the music industry.

Music Fans can follow their favourite artists, discover events, buy e-tickets, earn and spend cryptos.

Professionals can create their own profiles, discover venues, promoters, artists and get in direct contact with peers to initiate business deals.

Within a year, Viberate grew to listing more than 300k artists, 500k events and 90k venues by which it is, by far, the largest music resource in the world.

VIB tokens can be earned by contributions: adding artists, venues and events. All entries are reviewed by a core team to make sure the database is as accurate as possible, unlike other services in the industry.

This Next Generation Music repository was created by the Slovenian company Viberate, co-founded by the local Techno legend Umek and the previous owners of the famous club, Ambasada Gavioli in Izola.



Hunter: @edje

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This is a great project which focuses on the loopholes of music industry. This is encouraging to musicians, managers and even those event planners. Well, continue hunting innovative projects such as this one @edje! Great job!

Impressive Hunt, Your Hunt just got Verified!

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Cool hunt here for musicians as it provides a resource here for them and also at the same time to earn some crypto. Really great.

I read and it looks Viberate seems amazing. All of them are very smart ideas. I hope Viberate will be successful. Thanks for sharing.

How much Ven you can earn? And can you add any kind of artist?


You can add any kind of musician; They must have either a Spotify or a Facebook account. The later needs to be a professional FB account, ie a business page, not a personal account.

Duplicates are not accepted, however it is possible to add to existing artist and venue records. Event are not editable, ie adding to an event is not possible.

For each accepted record, points are earned:

  • artist: 3 points
  • venue/event: 2 points
  • update: 1 point

Viberate distributes same amount of VIB tokens each day, until VIB tokens are all given away (I think this is something like 3 years from the start Q4 last year). Based on points collected for a particular day, number of available VIB tokens are given out; point / VIB token ratio may very each day, based on the number of points generated that day.

The check of all the new entries by the core team may take several days, therefore it can happen you get the VIB tokens days after submitting records. They told my through a private chat, this is taken into account when determining the number of VIB tokens one receives for the submissions.

Late last year I was quite active, last few months not so much anymore. Not sure what can be earned today, ie what the average point to VIB token is. I suppose this ratio is larger than it was last year, since I suspect more contributions happen each single day compared to last year when the service was only know by a few people.

Last week I did notice most of my favourite venues and clubs are not updated, so I could hand in quite a few new entries to Viberate. I can't wait till many of the artists, agencies and venues claimed their own profiles and pages and update their own content. Then it'll become a perfect service for any music fan to determine what concert or party to go to coming days/weeks/months.


Thanks for a quick and very nice reply. I need to check it on my own. I have check VIB on coinmarketcap and it looks it have a quite nice price. And it is traded on lots of exchanges/markets. Daily volume is about $1mil and mc about $7,5 mil. Looks nice.


As so many cryptos, VIB was valued a lot higher earlier this year. But I expect this token to gain value again at some point in time. Their is a real service connected to the token, unlike so many other tokens. Chats to people cost VIB, ie there is a way to burn tokens. This creates an economy, or at least has the good potential to create one. Viberate is still in its early phase, but I expect coming year or two their service to become (much) more popular with the Music Professionals as well as with the Music Fans. That will only do good to the value of VIB token.

Also a good point is that Viberate was funded by VCs, with fiat money, even before they issued their VIB token. That in itself tells me it is a healthy concept in which angel investors believe in. And actually, I believe in a service like this, since the industry doesn't have any suitable service, it is pretty much based on personal networks, and insiders business so to speak. Not so many people in the industry have time to analyse the market, enlarge their networks. Services like Viberate may help them, and with that help the smaller, lesser known artists to be noticed, while also the lesser known venues have a change to be discovered by artists and bookers more easily.

Great hunt !!


Thanks :)

This is the very interesting product, I would like to have that one. Amazing features.


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