Scribbletune - Design Sounds and Music through Data

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Design Sounds and Music through Data



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Scribbletune is a set of Java-scripts that allows creating music from pure data.

Data-Music conversions is used in the past and present for instance to hear cosmic noise, erupting stars, to hear data gathered from more earthly nature. It is not only a cool way to create sounds and music, but can help to analyse data as well, using our ears in combination with our eyes.

We may even transform a photograph we made into music; Maybe it provides some real interesting inside, and it may allow us to appreciate specific photographs even more when we also like to sound of the photograph.

Scribbletune is available as a Node.js (Javascript) module and runs on our own OS, or in a Java-enabled Browser. Integration with eg Ableton and Garage Band is supported.

It may require a little bit of engineering knowledge to get the service running, but therefor it gives all the freedom to create the service as we want it.


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