PowerWindow - turn your Windows into Energy Generators

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turn your Windows into Energy Generators



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Dutch Physee turns windows into energy systems.


The window converts daylight into energy through solar technology.

PHYSEE’s PowerWindow is the first scalable and cost-efficient solution using the glass to help make buildings energy neutral.

"Imagine yourself at work looking outside the window, knowing the glass you’re looking through is charging your mobile phone."

How it Works?
A coating is applied to the window and effectively deflects the light to the sides of the window, where solar cells build into the rim of the window, transform the light into energy.

Up to 10 Watt energy can be generated per square meter window.

The cost of these windows allows a return on investment of about 4 to 5 years, which is pretty fast for solar based energy systems.




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How cool is that? Turning any window into an energy source? This could be a game changer! Hope this will find its usage in big companies and private places if affordable...

Hope to see more of your hunts, enjoy your day @edje

Som eyears ago, a pilot project was delivered in Eindhoven (Southern Netherlands). Now a huge interest in Amsterdam, with several projects delivered, in business buildings as well as private apartment buildings. So yes, I think over time this will be defacto standard. Other mehods are currently researched by another Dutch University, building solar cells in to the window plain itself. That is still research, but who knows. Maybe such setup will be more effective.


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Super, Thanks! :)

Wow, PowerWindow is very smart and good idea to turn the windows into Energy Generators. Perfect hunt. Keep on hunting. .

Thanks :)

Developments of Energy Sources are great nowadays and it is perfect way to turn the windows into energy generators. Awesome hunt.

Agree! :)

I think it's great, all of us should have these windows.
The post is very informative and complete.
Thanks for sharing.

Thanks :)

This is an amazing invention. These solar panels are ugly as hell. But everybody need windows anyway.

Indeed! :) The efficiency is not that great though, but still, cost/energy ratio is pretty good. On top of the roof, one can put solar tiles, like these here.

Good hunting, my friend, always taking into account the care of our land, generating energy without harming it, I think it is excellent.

Thanks :)

Interesante Post, seria estupendo tener en nuestras ventanas, Gracias por Compartir

Yes, indeed and Thanks :)


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