Palazzo Superior by Marchi - a Forward Thinking Exclusive Mobile Home

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Palazzo Superior by Marchi

a Forward Thinking Exclusive Mobile Home



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Hunter's comment

Marchi Mobile creates small exclusive series of Mobile Homes with the Palazzo Superior as the most luxurious version with a panorama roof, sky lounge and lift to get to there. Marchi stands out in the market by taking environment into the core of the design, eg the mobile home has a super low drag co-efficient, comparable with a sports car, meaning it requires low levels of fuel and Marchi compensates the CO2 used to produce the product, through forrest projects.

Marchi writes:

Our extraordinary vehicle design both inspires visionary automotive enthusiasts and sets examples of aerodynamic truck design. The fact that the eleMMent series has a drag coefficient comparable to a sports car due to its outstanding aerodynamics (Cw 0,3615) speaks for itself and reduces the fuel consumption drastically.

a TRUE gadget and you can get the Palazzo Superior for around 3M US$



Hunter: @edje

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Hi @edje,

Thanks for yet another hunt. Before I can approve it, can you please write the hunt to be about a specific Marchi Mobile model (or at least model line) since otherwise it’s mostly a brand which has been hunted.

Let me know via a comment reply when you’ve made requested change.


Cool thanks. Re-written the Hunt for a specific model, Marchi's most luxurious version, the Palazzo Superior with the sky lounge.

Wow, these certainly stand out from the crowd, with futuristic styling and an amazing looking interior. The low drag design and CO2 offset are nice ways to lower the vehicles impact. Now, where did I leave that spare 3 mill USD so I can snap one of these bad boys up? If only.....


Yeh, the 3M$ is a tricky thing :) Maybe, maybe when we can create a high value Hunt token, and we collect enough of them? :)

Is that a mobile home or the world’s largest, portable, front-loader washing machine? All it needs is a bunch of suds on the windshield.

Good find @edje.


Hahaha, it would be a super design for a washing machine :)

Buen Post, Gracias por Compartir!

I would be happy with one like that for me, I would like to travel and also to my family, to travel to my country in search of snow and the mountain would be great, to drive it, I just imagine, that it would make my eyes water, so beautiful panorama. that must be appreciated from inside the unit, excellent hunting.


Yeh, certainly cool to drive this one into the mountains :)

Thats a pretty awesome design and the fact that they offset their products carbon emissions through green projects is pretty incredible. It would be awesome if more companies would do this.


Yeh indeed, agree!

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