HELPLING - Need Help in Cleaning? The AirBnB and UberPOP of Cleaners

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Need Help in Cleaning? The AirBnB and UberPOP of Cleaners



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In the space of share economy services, HELPLING offers a marketplace for cleaning services. I don't mean the cleaning jobs for the underground or police, but the cleaning jobs we all have to deal with on daily bases; At home or in our businesses like shops, restaurants, offices and more.

The service is already available in a handful continents and expanding quickly:

  • Europe: Germany, UK, Netherlands, Italy, France and Ireland
  • Euroasia: Australia
  • Asia: Singapore
  • Middle East: Emirates

Simply enter your zip-code and you'll be presented with a list of Trusted Cleaners, offering Transparent Pricing. A rating and reviewing system is implemented to support the building of trust. Cleaners advertise the fact if they went through an ID check; and can also offer reference checks.

To select the HELPLING country, click here.



Hunter: @edje

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Super Cool!

It would be great to have a professional cleaning team for home. Such a perfect idea.


Hope you live in a country, the service is already rollout; Then you can try them :)

The starting price is quite cheap. I guess there is some kind of disadvantage? Like getting unmotivated cleaners, people that don't speak the native language. Or perhaps just young people under 22?


Could be, but then again, bad performing cleaners will get low ratings and you would not select one of them. I didn't try to use this service, but they do a lot of advertisement in my country (Netherlands). I know the prices asked in NL are kinda the same prices as asked by cleaners outside these type of services.

This is awesome!

There are a lot of people with mental illnesses such as depression who are not able to clean on some days—I can see this being helpful to people with disabilities. Good hunt!


You ae absolutely right. Thanks for your feedback.

Good Evening @edje

Cleanliness is considered as the basic trait of one's good personality. To make the places good,neat and clean one should not get worried as HELPLING is ready to help you out. This is such an awesome idea with so deep effects, highly appreciated.

This idea should be adopted all over the world to make the life of the people more and more easy. Thank you so much for this awesome hunt :)


Can’t agree more :) Thanks for your views and feedback!

interesting post :) do you know similar page with offers for a handyman ?


No idea wrt a worldwide service, but in the Netherlands you may try - it is a marketplace where you ask what you want and individuals and companies can offer to deliver what you want.

Another cool service is the loan/rental from your neighbours: peerby


I actually meant Netherlands so thanks. I will check it and perhaps I will set up my announcement there :)

also peerby sounds very interesting. after a quick recognition, it looks like some kind of p2p pawnshop
thank you for your informations :)
it looks like a rental platform :) I am curious about security and goods protection and anti-theft policy there.


The may provide an insurance, but the thing is, you would get something in use (paid or unpaid) from local people, neighbours. There is always a risk of something breaking, but only a very few will make problems to reimburse. There is a risk, I think, but then again, there is also the upside, helping out your neighbours, and while doing so, earning some money. The cool thing of such services is the fact that goods that are in use only a small time of its life, is used more often and in the end, we all will have to buy less products, since we share it with others, ie sharing economy service.


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