Fotokite (drone) - No Pilot Skills Required - CNN & BBC are using this

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Fotokite (drone)

No Pilot Skills Required - CNN & BBC are using this



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Hunter's comment

Ever tried to fly a drone? It is not that easy!

Fotokite, spin-off from Swiss Robotics Competence in Research, takes a whole different approach to the drone.

Thanks to unique patent-pending technology, the Fotokite may be launched in seconds (cold-start) without calibration, radio checks or waiting for GPS lock. Once in the air, tether length, vehicle position and camera direction can be adjusted intuitively from the ground station. A live low-latency uncompressed Full HD video downlink enables effective framing and live broadcast using an external HDMI or SDI port.

The line connected to the drone makes things very practical:

  • fly the drone like a kit
  • unlimited air time
  • realtime HD video streaming

If I would be in filming, I certainly would like to take this one for a test drive. BBC & CNN already using Fotokite.



Hunter: @edje

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Nice hunt @edje!

This drone looks like an awesome product to travel with due to being only 1.37lbs with the camera on it.

I've always wanted to have a go with these things but, they seem to be notoriously difficult to control for an amateur, like me.

Unlimited flying time when tethered, which is a huge bonus for most pilots, I would think.

If it's good enough for TV channels, then it's good enough for me!

I wonder how much this is going to be to buy?



One of the disadvantages is that it may have less freedom in the air due to the rope, but as can be seen in the video, the drone can be set static in the air + the rope gives all the advantages mentioned incl the way to manouvre the drone. Cost: I think I read somewhere it cost like 500/600$ but best is to get then an offer; Link is provided on their website.