Echo Buttons - Highly Useful extension to Amazon Alexa Echo setup

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Echo Buttons

Highly Useful extension to Amazon Alexa Echo setup



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Under the name 'Echo', Amazon is delivering a set of products to bring not only Alexa into your (living) space, but also to enrich the user experience by eg proving a screen and other tools.

Now Alexa can also be requested to start games. More then 60 friends and family games are supported already today in categories like: Trivia, Head to Head, Storytelling, and more.

Echo Buttons will give each participant a way to control the game.

In addition, Echo Buttons can also be used as a form of a mouse click, to support the process of configuring games and applications.

The buttons can show any colour, give any sound, controlled by Alexa, the specific game, and also by the settings which can be changed by the user(s).

A very useful tool to expand the Echo / Alexa setup which will make the gaming experience (powered by Alexa) very pleasurable.

The costs? Super affordable: 2 buttons for 15$



Hunter: @edje

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Thanks for sharing a very different type of hunt. This is a gaming base hunt so all the games will love it. And I know maximum young guys are gamers here. I just gave you my love with a tiny upvote as my power is low. But I am really thankful to you for your unconditional support on my hunts.
All the best @edje and Stay Blessed!


Bit of variations in Hunts is a good thing, I think; This one is at least within budget of many of us :) Keep continuing your greet hunts as well; Love your last one!

Fun fact: amount of Hunt Score is exactly the same as pending post payout in SBD right at this point in time (23:18 GMT+2) at 1,49! Magical coincidence :)


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