DUBLDOM - UNIQUE modular 'TINY' house

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UNIQUE modular 'TINY' house



Hunter's comment

Unlike most of the other tiny and prefab houses, this one is not made from wood, but from metal. The interior is wood still wood, to make it cozy. It is designed in Russia, and can withstand colds, as it can stand hot environments.

The smallest in the series only costs 12k Euro, while the largest with about 100m2 (around 1.000ft2) floor space, is around 100k Euro; Very reasonable for such large prefab house + all the interiors and even appliances with it!

The house can be transported and installed in 1 day!




Hunter: @edje


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DUBLDOM would be a great place to spend weekends. I wish I had one at my garden. Perfect hunt.


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Thanks :)

wow! Truly unique designed, a genuis one :)


Btw thank you so much sir @edje