MOVI Projector Smartphone - Android Phone with a Built-In Projector for movie lovers

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MOVI Projector Smartphone

Android Phone with a Built-In Projector for movie lovers



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Hunter's comment

MoVI is an Android powered smartphone whose in-built Laser High Definition (HD) 720p pico projector can project 720p images diagonally, well up to 200 inches in size.

The 50 lumens projector enables you to use any flat surface, including walls, as an additional screen for watching your favorite videos, games and all forms of digital content.

This way, you are able to watch your movies in a theatre like experience on the wall inside your house! Currently available at $599, MOVI is unlocked, so it can effectively work with any carrier



Hunter: @ebitularmbert

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I have always a phone that comes with inbuilt projector and I can't believe what I am seeing.

The opportunities are endless when it comes to this tech.

Apart from watching movies, you can use this to make presentations no matter where you are.

I am definitely checking this Phone out.

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It is a very powerful gadget, It excited me the moment i landed on it. I thought something like, well, this is more like carrying my LCD 32 Inch screen in my pockets! Its great stuff. Very true. Thanks @ogochukwu for your thoughts.

Very profitable to have goods like this, we do not need to bother to go to the cinema if you're lazy and want to watch like in the cinema. Smart hunting @ebitularmbret


True, with this one, you carry the Cinema in your pocket! Very useful gadget. Thanks @alestta.