Google Cloud Engineer Program - Learn everything about Google Cloud

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Google Cloud Engineer Program

Learn everything about Google Cloud



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Hunter's comment

Google Cloud is a rapid growing cloud platform through you can learn how to build cutting edge software products on the Google cloud and now a large number of companies are also preferring to adopt this platform because it is providing reliable services. It is also consist of myriads of quizzes and labs on different topics like a cloud, SDK, Compute Engines, GCP, Containers, Kubernetes etc. Please see video for better understanding.



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Hi hunter,

Thanks for your contribution. I’ve reviewed it but can not approve it because this isn’t the type of products we feature on Steemhunt (posting guidelines, section 2).

Please read our posting guidelines.
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My post is not explaining the product but it is software it cover under posting guidelines 2-1 and also 2-3.
Kindly review my post and approved.

It isn't software.

It is a course. It's like an ebook in video format. Apologies but we do not approve that as that isn't the type of "service" Steemhunt's posting guidelines cover. We look for actual platforms or software.

Just like we do not approve crowdfunding campaigns for books or movies/docus.

I already had reviewed your post and as far as I am aware telling us to approve your hunt is not the benchmark against which hunts are reviewed. The posting guidelines are.

The hunt stays delisted.

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