MAX - A Flexible and Versatile Full-Body Exoskeleton Suit!

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A Flexible and Versatile Full-Body Exoskeleton Suit!


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Hunter's comment

I present to you this awesome yet compelling innovation that can amplify your workforce. Meet MAX(Modular Agile eXoskeleton), this full-body robotic super suit can aid your physical labor and at the same reduce your risk of injury when lifting, bending, pulling and pushing heavy objects!

Good thing about this super suit is it does not require any batteries, actuators or even common computers, but this suit can simply augments the wearer's strength. With this super suit you will no longer suffer from different physical pain and injuries plus it will make your work easier and faster!

MAX Exoskeleton Suit can fully meet your dreams with these awesome features:

  • It reduces your Back Strain!
  • Completely Zero Impedance! (Easy Running, biking and even ascending and descending stairs)
  • It is Adjustable Size with Quick and Easy Donning and Doffing!
  • Highly Optimized and Low Profile
  • Most especially it is modular with no batteries need



Hunter: @dwaeji-aizelle

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Thanks for reviewing! The HUNT IS ON!

Amazing hunt @dwaeji-aizelle Didn't even know that you can already buy such exoskeleton! Would be cool to see the stats, how much can it lift and so on.. Maybe on your next hunts you can add the most important information.

Keep up the hunts and enjoy the day @dwaeji-aizelle

Thanks for stating some pointer, I will include that on my next hunt, thanks for reviewing.

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