EOSEX - Semi-decentralized EOS-based Exchange with free airdrop

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Semi-decentralized EOS-based Exchange


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Hunter's comment

EOSEX is a newcomer to the world of EOS-based exchanges and bills itself as "semi-decentralized" exchange, meaning you do not have control over the private keys for the tokens (like Binance).

At the moment, I can only see three trading pairs, ETH-EOS, EOS-USDT and ETH-USDT. They also have their own token, of course, called EXP, but that is not listed yet.

While confusing, it is unique in that it offers returns of 100% of commission fees back to traders of their EXP token, which therefore gives 100% of those profits back to EXP token holders. You can also "mine/stake" with this token in your account and gain returns.

They do take security very seriously, with not one but two types of 2FA, which they really try and get you to enable once you've logged into the site.

EOSEX is also trying to create a truly fair, open and community-based exchange that is owned by every EXP token holder. In this way, I think they are trying to meet their self-defined meaning of "semi-decentralized."




Hunter: @drycounty


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Hi @drycounty,

Thanks for your hunt. I’ve reviewed and approved it. The hunt is on.

-a new exchange for your EOS coins;
-returns for "mine/staking" this sounds too good;

-you are not keeping the private key for your coins so if this exchange will be destroyed you will lose also!

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