eosDAC Member Client - EOS-based wallet, voting and membership tool

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eosDAC Member Client

EOS-based wallet, voting and membership tool


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Hunter's comment

eosDAC is a EOS-based, decentralized, autonomous community that work around eosDAC token. If you held any EOS during the genesis block (June 1, 2018) you more than likely have eosDAC tokens in your EOS account. The recently-released eosDAC Member Client allows eosDAC token holders to join the organization, as well as vote and exchange tokens.

Registering is simple, and requires Scatter (www.get-scatter.com) to activate. All you need to do is agree to the constitution to join. For more info, see this video:

Being a registered member with eosDAC allows you to submit worker proposals and get paid to bring value to the EOSdac and EOS ecosystem, as well as vote on custodians that approve those proposals. It also could potentially earn you airdrops with organizations that partner with eosDAC.

All in all, another great, unique EOS-based product!




Hunter: @drycounty


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