EOS PIXEL MASTER - EOS blockchain based collaborative artwork

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EOS blockchain based collaborative artwork


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Hunter's comment

EOS Pixel master purports to be the first blockchain-based collaborative art platform. Users can paint pixels into patterns, words, whatever you like. Uses Scatter (https://www.get-scatter.com) to connect with your EOS accounts.

Earn back EOS rewards by a few methods:

• Patron Bonus -- the more people paint, the more the pool grows. Even if your pixel is painted over you are still rewarded.
• Bidding -- you get a portion of the amount sold for anyone that buys and paints over your pixels.
• Last pixel pot. If there are no pixels painted in 24 hours, the pot goes to the last person that painted a pixel.
• Referrals.


There is a heatmap button which shows the areas of the map that are highest-used.

All being said, this is a fun site to watch. Over the past days it's gone from being a relatively white canvas to what you see here. And it doesn't look like it's slowing down!




Hunter: @drycounty


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Have not been able to really understand what this product is all about. At first it sounded like a game but reading through it seems it has to do with pixels and art work. I’ll do well to read more about it

Saw some similar collaboration project on Reddit like a year and so ago. Cool hunt!

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