EOS Hardware Wallet - DIY EOS hardware wallet with a Raspberry Pi!

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EOS Hardware Wallet

DIY EOS hardware wallet with a Raspberry Pi!


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Hunter's comment

EOSphere introduces a FREE course on EOS Bootcamp for those interested in making an EOS hardware wallet, using a Raspberry Pi (hardware) with Scatter (software).

The course includes both hardware and software instructions, including:
• Construction & assembly, with parts list
• Connecting to Scatter Desktop (https://www.get-scatter.com)
• Setting up the Network
• Testing and using the wallet

Requires a bit of soldering skills as do many Pi projects. An overview of the course is shown in Ross Dold's intro video:

Comes with full source code and lots of links to support sites.

This is a great free course offering another unique product to the EOS ecosystem. Let me know below if you've finished this course and how you like your wallet!




Hunter: @drycounty


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