DappPub - Bancor-based utility-enhanced token protocol w/DEX

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Bancor-based utility-enhanced token protocol w/DEX


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Hunter's comment

Meant for Dapp developers, DappPub allows teams to generate their own tokens through their Bancor-based utility, and sell the tokens to generate EOS. Bypass the codework and difficulty of manual token creation and buy (or sell, or transfer) PUB tokens to generate your own token for as little as 100 PUB, then sell it via the DappPub DEX.

The "Publish" page allows for the following variables: Token (name), Base (EOS fund pool), Max Supply, Option Qty (owned by creator), Lock Period (optional #day to lock tokens) as well as base and initial selling fee percentages.

Coming soon is the ability to invite your friends, and earn $PUB tokens in the process.

All in all, another unique utility for the EOS ecosystem!




Hunter: @drycounty


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