Aphelion Mobile Wallet - Ultra smooth and clean mobile NEO/NEP5 wallet

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Aphelion Mobile Wallet

Ultra smooth and clean mobile NEO/NEP5 wallet



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Aphelion is a decentralized exchange running on the NEO blockchain. The latest release of their wallet is version 1.1.7 for Android, which allows users to hold any NEO-based token, including DBC, APH (the Aphelion platform token), GAS and of course NEO.

Creating an account or importing an existing account is very easy. Just remember to write down the private keys and store them safely.

This wallet does not feature any of the DEX features that the Desktop Mac/PC versions do, but it will include this in an upcoming release.




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NEO ultrafine and clean wallet based on Android is a decentralized exchange that runs on NEO blockchain in the same way this allows users to retain any NEO-based token, including DBC, APH (the token of the Aphelion platform), GAS and , of course, NEO. This search was very good and useful for everyone. And it does not have nngun against.

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