Leap motion controller - Helps in using your fingers controlling your devices

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Leap motion controller

Helps in using your fingers controlling your devices







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We do notice sometimes using our fingers continuously on our keyboard and other devices hurts making one to take a break and rest the fingers.

Leap motion controller makes it possible to use simply your finger and its movement in making things done on devices.

So this make it possible for one to control devices without touching it. It removes the dark ages of continuous pressing of keyboard

Leap motion can help in scrolling the web, also in zooming on map and images. It is also very good in first person game. I think this is a perfect device to oculus rift

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Hunter: @drigweeu


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Wow, it looks cool.


  • do not use fingers anymore, Leap Motion makes it possible
  • can help in scrolling the web, also in zooming on map and images
  • is very useful when playing FPS games
  • easy to connect and set up


  • none for this hunt

Thanks for your hunt.


  • Motion-sensing gesture-based interface for a bargain.
  • Easy to connect and set up.
  • Works with Windows and Mac and any size display.
  • Numerous apps available, mostly cheap or free.


  • Sensor doesn't always register hand position properly.
  • Apps range from highly polished to barely functional.
  • No standard gestures.
  • Difficult to use for productivity tasks.

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Hi~ @drigweeu, Good Hunt~
This product is really amazing. Thank you ~

This is so next-level
Designed for the way it should feel, not the way it should look. This is huge difference! Even though the look is fine catching up with Hollywood
Website says the tracking is very fast and accurate
Lots of test cases done, lots of RnD
Very intuitive - - Can be integrated directly into headset for AR VR without needing controllers

Will never want to use a regular keyboard and mouse after this

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  • Looks really fun and useful
  • Benefitial for humanity
  • Good discovery of the product


  • Nothing I can see so far


  • Such a high-tech and cool innovation that is too good to be true
  • You can control electronic devices simply by using your fingers.
  • Cool features used by thousands of developers
  • Such a powerful technology which offers accurate movement in a fast speed


  • I think this device isn't suitable for the kids, they have to learn more on the outside world "the reality", though sometimes advanced technology can enhance or broaden their horizon.
  • You might become too dependent on this

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Great article!! The LeapMotion is really fascinating. About a year ago, I bought one. I have tried it with different technologies and different ideas. :D

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