API TRUSTKit - Integrate blockchain into your app services and products

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Integrate blockchain into your app services and products



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API trust kit helps one to integrate any blockchain into their product, apps or services.

It is very easy to use. Simply connect the API and all will be handled by the company.

Trust Kit API can be of great help once integrated in document validation, finance transaction and even in data certification.

Using this API is the easiest way to make things easy with trust.

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All 3 of the comments on this Hunt were spam. i actually felt bad to see that. So I just had to come and leave a comment.

What I love the most about this project is the selection of coins. instead of going for the generic choices and sticking with them, there is a variety of solid projects supported.

  • If Tx fails crypto comes back to your wallet
  • You own your on keys
  • seller pays not fees
  • They also help with ICOs


  • Buyer's fee is 3.5% which is huge and I'm not sure many centralized formula users will be willing to pay several dozen times higher fees.

Blockchain is a blessing for us and due to it's decentralized feature we have freedom. That's why I love it and whenever I see a project which is blockchain based I must appreciate and support. API TRUSTKit is really a great addition where we
Integrate app services and products. Great search @drigweeu, keep it up

This is totally cool for any platform that wishes to migrate to the blockchain. I use to think it is going to be a complex algorithmic process but it seems to be easier than that from all indications


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