VR Standing Platform - 9d Vr Standing VR Game Machine VR Theme Park Multi Player

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VR Standing Platform

9d Vr Standing VR Game Machine VR Theme Park Multi Player



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Hunter's comment

Good day steemhunt , good to see you here again .. I am here with a new product is a media gadget and its name is VR Standing Platform

VR Standing platform is a self-developed virtual reality equipement with the technology that the player can control his walking and rotation in the virtual reality world. Vibration base on the bottom and wind from each side, will offer player a real immersive feeling. And the rich interactive game will bring a joyful experience to the this very special tour.

Apart from the cu part of the machine .. It also could serve as a very profitable venture. As it will be a goodd turn over in terms of profit as seen in the picture analyzing the profit to be gotten.
kindly check out the product as well




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