MiniFalcon - The E-Scooter That Fits In A Backpack

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The E-Scooter That Fits In A Backpack



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Hunter's comment

Good day friends, today I will be sharing with us another great hunt which is the first of its kind it is called MiniFalcon Scooter

MiniFalcon Scooter was created to be taken with you anywhere. Folding up to less than two feet long while maintaining extremely high performance, long battery life, and tons of safety features.

This product comes with some superb features like :

  • 2H Fast charging. Long lasting battery
  • 250W Noiseless motor. 15.53mph max speed.
  • Dual Rear Brake Technology
  • Kinetic Energy Recovery System
  • Shock absorber
  • Quick-View Digital Display
  • Puncture-Proof Tires
  • Aerospace grade aluminum
    Ain't those cool?

You can check out the product to check for more details
I hope you enjoyed my hunt for today?


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It is good to ride a scooter, but it is inconvenient to move a scooter if you have to transfer to public transportation. This product is good for portability and storage as it can be reduced to the size of a backpack because the joint folds. I like this scooter.

Please write product name as :


Thank you for the correction. Done

That is some crazy mobility!
The speed is a good for short distance travel. Aerospace grade aluminium will provide some lasting durability. There is a Digital Display to get yourself important information.

There are many places to use the MiniFalcon. You can just use it for short travels or use in a company compound. It can make your job easier and you can carry it to a lot of places. Awesome Hunt!

Wao what a great and amazing hunt. Electric scooter become very popular in the world. This scooter design very good for ridders. This scooter helps you to relief your back bone pain. It is also less weight very easy to use it also fold it and transfer one place to another place. It has very high quality battery they gives you long ridding time. Dics breakes save you from accidents. You can use this scooter for your daily working. Kindly tell us the price.??? Really very cool hunt. Thanks for sharing.

A good prouct having all necessary features which are suitable to have this's easy to take this anywhere with wil be really enjoying experience while having this to go somewhere.

What was the price and is it fully metal?

The MiniFalcon is basically a scooter but in this case it's more than that.. this is a E-scooter which firstly can be folded away into a backpack, the handles can also be folded for extra space and so being a E-scooter there is a 2 hour charge if needed which gives a noiseless max speed of 15.53mph it also comes with a rear break which is sensible.

Really very interesting and useful backpack, it helps a person easily carried E-Scooter anywhere on the place they want to go there. Nice hunt!

What really makes this scooter some way different from other scooters for me is the fact that it is foldable, outside that I see nothing else. Nice hunt still though. I love it😍😍😍

Nice compact design, great for short distance commuters.

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