Dr Pocket - the best pain reliever ever made

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Dr Pocket

the best pain reliever ever made



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Hunter's comment

Good day steam hunt community. Today I am here with a new product called Dr Pocket

Unlike other traditional devices .. It comes with less wires , in fact no wires at all it is so convenient to use no matter where we find ourselves.
It has to take care of:

•Pain relief •Rehabilitation purposes • Muscle strengthening •Relaxation of muscles •Preventing disuse muscle atrophy • Increasing blood circulation •At the gym during workouts

It is nice to have you around again today here .. I hope u enjoyed my hunt again .. Thanks alot




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Wow, this is such an innovative idea to make an existing product exceptionally better! I love the relief that TENS units provide but it is true that the wires are a pain to deal with so I don't use mine because of that exact reason! The Dr Pocket solves that. Great hunt!

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Hi dear hunter @dray91eu you found a great and cool product. And thanks for sharing with us, i like it very much because its a Very Good Product.
The perfect tool for relaxing in pain.


Relieves pain • Rehabilitation goals • Strengthens muscles • Muscle relaxation • Prevents muscular atrophy • Increases blood circulation • If there is pain in the gym during exercise, it relieves pain.

It looks really promising. There is no need to say how useful this product can be. It's specially made for muscle pain relief. I would love to see something like this for my migraines.
Nice hunt!

This is great, this product that relieves pains, straightens muscles and make you feel good generally, I Love the fact more attention is given to health issues. Thanks for sharing


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Thanks again and look forward to seeing your next hunt!

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Pain strikes us whether we are young or old nowadays as not many of us are doing sport. And having this pain relief product might improve our quality of life and help us do and enjoy outdoor activities. Healthy find!

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