FLYON - Revolutionary platform for e-bikes by Haibike

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Revolutionary platform for e-bikes by Haibike



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Hunter's comment

It is an e-bike that includes Haibike HPR 120S engine being the most powerful according to statements issued by the company with 630Wh battery that can be recharged in the same ebike or removing it for comfort, it has a quick recharge option that in only 1 hour recharge by 80%, also has five assistance modes (Xtreme, High, Mid, Low and Eco) these are regulated in the Haibike Remote, a small remote control located under the handlebar and that can be manipulated with the thumb, thanks to its size. It provides data such as pulse, calorie consumption, cadence among others.

  • Poss sensor to measure speed.

  • Light Frontal with automatic sensor or manual regulation

  • Color screen located centrally on the rod

  • Back rear lights (8 highly efficient LEDs)

  • Integrated cable routing



Hunter: @doriancoch

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Today's most beautiful and most useful vehicle is a bicycle. Because he knows where to go, and we don't get stuck in any traffic. It can also be used in other land conditions. There are special bikes like Flyon. Cool hunt.

Flyon Haibike is a beautiful bike with 120s engine. It has a 630 wh battery and it has the ability to fast charge. This bike is produced in such a way that there are five aid packages inside. There's a digital you can control with your thumb. With this digital you can control the calories and speed you burn. Perfect prpduct.

Sometimes I want to walk around like a lunatic, but my bike makes me tired. I saw this product now and I love it. I'll buy it myself as soon as possible. Thanks for the hunt.

Cycling patients can count all the characteristics of a bicycle. If they didn't see this bike, they made a huge mistake. Because the flyon is an excellent bike equipped with great facilities for me. Try and see the difference between other bikes. Great hunt.


thanks you for coment

I think the recharge option is really cool. Because it is very important to us bikers to get it charged before any and every use.
Thanks for sharing this hunt with us

Excellent product quite innovative in addition that is environmentally friendly and helps not to be so dependent on cars and these means of transport.

Besides that it has a pretty futuristic look it really looks great I would like to have one of those bikes