NowPresso - The ultimate portable espresso machine

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The ultimate portable espresso machine


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Hunter's comment

Get your coffee fix anytime, anywhere with the NowPresso Portable Espresso Machine. This incredible system is compatible with Nespresso capsules so you can enjoy your favorite brews.

In addition, it works with both cold and hot water. All it takes is the press of a button. The removable lithium battery allows you to enjoy your espresso anywhere. NowPresso automatically heats the water and brews the coffee in just minutes right into the built-in drinking cup. With hot water, the system works instantly. It automatically pours the correct serving size for espresso.

No matter which method you prefer, you get delicious espresso instantly. The NowPresso comes with a travel case which protects the device on all sides. Additionally, the case lid has extra space to store up to three Nespresso Capsules. With the NowPresso, enjoying espresso is easier than ever.

  • INSERT capsule
  • POUR water
  • PUSH button
  • DETACH cup
  • ENJOY!

Now coffee lovers can enjoy their beloved hot drink anywhere, anytime.



Hunter: @dontstopmenow

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  • Great, simple and easy to use coffee maker
  • With just one capsule and push button you are on the go to enjoy one as easy as 123
  • Lightweight and great for outdoors, you can take it anywhere especially when you are a coffee addict :P


  • A little pricey, but if you can't get enough without cofee, you may give it a shot!


  • Transportable Espresso machine
  • Safe and easy to carry because of included bag


  • In my opinion very limited target group because who needs a espresso in the wild? :P

Keep up the hunt!
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Sweet, Thanks!

that's interesting, how big are the votes?

Pros :

  • It can be operated using a one button only
  • It can boil anywhere you go
  • It has a more powered removable lithium battery
  • It has a detachable drinking cut which really be a convenient way to enjoy hot coffee
  • An item that you need when you are on travel or on adventure

Cons :

  • It is quite expensive with a price of $199 but surely if you are a traveler yourself then the cost is really deserved.

Now this I like. 🤣

Without coffee I am dontstopmyyawns 😂😂😂


  • Perfect for espresso lovers
  • The design is very innovative
  • Handy type of a product
  • You can bring it anywhere


  • None for this awesome hunt

Still uses energy, and it's more than twice the price of nanopresso... but I would give it a go too. If it was not for the fact they only use caps.

Plus... 200$USD... can pay at least 40 coffees! How long will it take to pay off!

I know what you mean... I don´t like much the caps thing, too much plastic waste for a single coffee.

But I believe they will find a way around it and adapt reusable caps for less impact on the ecosystem.

This is the best gadget ever.
Coffee is my favorite too.

Thanks man! Yeah I love coffee too, too much sometimes lol

Soy amante al cafe en todas sus presentaciones, que excelente invento no tener que esperar ir a la casa a tomarse un cafe o ir a un sitio para tomarse un buen cafe, ahora puedo hacerlo en cualquier lugar eso es excelente, Entre a la pagina y espero algun dia poder adquirir algo asi porque seria una maravilla Cafe a cualquier hora asi este en una cola jajajajajaja

Sii yo soy amante del café y de las actividades al aire libre, y este producto combina las dos cosas a la perfección.

Gracias por tu comentario Karen!

Here's my review on this:

Pros :

  • it is the world's first and only cordless portable espresso machine
  • you an boil water anywhere you go
  • it can operate from one button

Cons :

No cons on this one.

I would loooove one of those!

Same! Combining hiking/camping with good coffee is brilliant.

Hi @dontstopmenow!

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OMG I am a coffee addict. Can I hook this up in my car?

Great find, thanks.

Pros: We can make our standard Espresso taste. It's automatic, so we can do anything else.
Cons: Machine will never make the better taste than human :).

That looks pretty great, I was on a cruise last month and my penthouse had a nespresso machine, it was fucking awesome. I was sucking down nespressos like it was going out of style. I looked into a machine when I got home and they were a little expensive and I couldn't justify yet another unused kitchen appliance after the novelty wore off.

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Wow, it looks cool.


  • can enjoy espresso anywhere
  • compatible with Nespresso capsules
  • works with both cold and hot water


  • none for this hunt

Thanks for your hunt.

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