USB Lockit - Protect your files

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USB Lockit

Protect your files



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USB Lockit protects your videos, photographs, all files in your USB Drive. When you lock your drive, it is not possible to get access to your files for anyone. For activating it, just set a PIN number and click on lock button.


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It's a good tool for those who want to keep their private and sensitive material away from the prying eyes. Privacy around the world is under attack and we need these tools spread as much as possible/

Nice Hunting
USB Lockit is a nice tool for protecting your original files.

This is great for companies that have sensitive intellectual property and don't want anyone to access it, not even a curious junior employee. It also means that if you lose your usb drive you are safe from your secrets being stolen.

that's a very good tool to lock pen drive materials. I am storing my passwords in pend rive so I need this tool badly thanks for sharing this


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