Once - Share private infomation away from email and chat

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Share private infomation away from email and chat



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Once is a straightforward tool. It allows the user to create a one-time secret which is deleted once read or reaches the lifespan you set. This is great for passwords, URLs, one-time passwords or any other information you don’t want to send that could be used again. You share private infomation away from email and chat with Once. It respects your privacy, after they are viewed once, they disappear.




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Great hunt dear friend
This is really a great tool through which we can easily share info with others.
Thanks for sharing with us.

Info security is always on the higher priority and tools that make it happen are always great.. nice hunt

This is a better way to keep your privacy hidden.

Once looks nice app to share private information away from email and chat, thanks for sharing.

This is really a great thing to keep privacy. If you want to send someone a text message for one time read then nothing is better than this.

Nice tool for sharing your private information with secure and safe tool nice find

This helps protect you from the email providers too, as they regularly use their bots to scan your emails for personal info that they use to serve up advertising to you.

great tool for the security and privacy. This type tools are much needed for today's generation. Thanks for sharing it.

Wow this is really fantastic thing. Just type and send and it is one time readable. Very nice hunt mate. Thanks for this

With it's one view feature, Once.... share private infomation away from email and chat. promises to be a versatile privacy enhancer.
Interesting Hunt.
Thank you! @dodika


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