Second Closet - Self-Storage Made Simple

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Second Closet

Self-Storage Made Simple



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Hunter's comment

Second Closet is a low-cost storage service for residents in Toronto and Vancouver areas.

The steps for storing your items goes as follows:

  1. Order and schedule online.
  2. Second Closet will pick up and store stuff.
  3. Tell Second Closet When You Want Items Returned

Pricing can be found on the website. (Image below)



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It is definitely a good idea, a solution to your problems if you're dealing with lack of space. I like the fact that they are handling all the transport, you just call, schedule the event and they take care of the rest. I'm not sure of the price though as I have nothing to compare it with.

It would take some research for comparing prices. Keep in mind that Second Closet is only in Toronto and in Vancouver. I guess they provide local competition.

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