SeaOrbiter - International Oceanic Station

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International Oceanic Station



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The Seaorbiter is a mobile Oceanic Station designed for scientific study of the ocean with six decks below the sea and six decks above the sea. It will accomodate up to 18-22 people with a scientific laboratory.

It will run on solar, wind and wave power.

Only 5 % of the earth's oceans have been studied and the seaorbiter is designed to try and fill the gap.

Altough it has not been launched yet the first part of the vessel was completed in 2015.

Tests in Trondheim have shown the Seaorbiter will be able to withstand the biggest storms.



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It's a very impressive marine structure. Well, creating these things won't make a lot of money, but these attempts seem desirable in terms of diversity.


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Whoa! This station building is breathtaking. I love the design and its shape that how they design for Scientific study under the Ocean. I knew some hotels which are built in the sea and that much costly to even visit. This is just AMAZING!!

Nice Hunting!

Would love to support research in a workplace like this one. I am sure the next thing to add will be a supercomputer that can process all the work of these researchers.

There is only one thing to think about these massive ocean structures... What if fire or a lightening happens?

Wow, this is amazing! There is so much unknown about the depths of our oceans but sometimes it seems as if we are more concerned about the cosmos for some crazy reason. I think learning more about our own planet is crucial to understanding how this world really works. The SeaOrbiter could be the key to unlocking some of the worlds secrets. Neat hunt!

The first thing that came to my mind was Ocean Girl. it's a sci-fi kids show from 90s made in Australia. They actually build more underwater constructs. but here is a start. Great things have small beginnings and sci-fi has always been an inspiration for the future.

The energy sources are sustainable and SeaOrbiter can be used to better understand our oceans. We surely have put more attention into the space than our very oceans. It's time to change that. Great Hunt! Deserves #1 spot


Wao... this is simply amazing. Reminded me of ISS...
Yeah, it's strange that we know so little about our planet than we know about space. Oceans hide so many mysteries that need to be explored.
I bet if successful this project will she'd new light on many oceanic secrets.

This is indeed a great feats in the world of science.This Seaorbital will help to have a more a thorough study of the ocean.My fear before was that if it will be able to sustain itself against sea beast and great storm but the video explain it all. Thanks for sharing this on the platform

I must confess that this is really cool because it is a great idea because it gives us the opportunity to explore the ocean.
Thanks for sharing this hunt with us all


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