Living aquarium - A virtual aquarium which reacts to your every move

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Living aquarium

A virtual aquarium which reacts to your every move



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Hunter's comment

Living aquarium is an interactive aquarium projected on the floor or wall that reacts to your movements and touch.

This is thanks to the "living surface" technology.

living surface‹ can transform every surface in an interactive area. Centre piece of this product are the software, a graphic PC and the infrared-image sensor technology. The image is either projected using one or multiple video projectors or it is displayed by screens, LED-displays, low-res LED-grids or stackable backprojection display cubes. source




Hunter: @direwolf

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Hi @direwolf,

Thanks for yet another hunt. I’ve reviewed and approved it. The hunt is on.


  • Real aquariums with real fish are disgusting.


  • No animals were stolen from the wild and put in a bowl for their whole life.


  • None.

@direwolf excellent hunting, this product can become ideal in my house, my granddaughter would go crazy with it, I really like to customize to your liking and recreate the most conducive environment for the day
Many sgarcias for giving us to connect this great product
I wish you a happy hunt

lols! This looks so cool. It will give an experience of being in the same water with fish while they run from being stepped on. I love this V.R. Nice hunt!

Nice hunt @direwolf
the VR tech here is very cool and looks like what the devs have been working on for months
but i won't love to see this in the night

A virtual aquarium is great.

  • requires no care,
  • no maintenance,
  • no feeding,
  • can be customized,
  • enhanced,
  • changed without any construction work.
    This is an awesome hunt

Wow, it is perfect. It would be so impressing at Shopping Mall, I am sure we will see it very soon. Perfect hunt.

It is so amazing, I would like to see living aquairum alive. I hope I will have a chance to see it in the future. Great hunt.

Oh I thought those are real fishes in the floor! That is so cool! You can experience interactions to those fishes even if its not real. I want thisto in our living room. Hehe

This is supper cool. Another awesome use of Virtual Reality technology to simulate aquatic creatures that responds to touch. Awesome hunt, Virtual Reality still has lots of untaped possibilities that we'll soon uncover in the near future.

I am very impressed, I would very much like to be here, it was an excellent project. Even when I read it, I can say peace. Reality is extremely high quality... AMAZING HUNT :)

It is really cool to see a virtual aquarium that reacts to the moves. Perfect job. Congratulations.

Now that is cool. Where do you buy something like this? Thanks for sharing.


It's a german company. You'll have to contact them and find out.

There's a link to the company if you check this post from the interface. It's on top of the page with a box that says check it out. Every post on has this feature.


Thanks, man.


You're welcome.

If you're interested you can check out my post about the first lotto game based on the Steem blockchain and how to participate.

This has to be the coolest hunt I saw today. It may not be the most useful application for living surfaces, but it wins most fun. I love how the "aquarium" reacts to people's movements from above. Let's just hope people don't start walking on top of real aquariums because of this. Lol! Great find!


You're welcome. 😀


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This is really cool! It can even be installed on floors. Nice hunt!