Simple chess (online) - Play chess online against real opponents!

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Simple chess (online)

Play chess online against real opponents!



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Hunter's comment

Play chess on line and solve puzzles playing against adversaries from across the world.
Practical, quick and easy to use, have fun with SimpleChess!

Standard functions:

  • access in guest mode is totally free
  • no limit on the number of games
  • hundreds of players 24/24
  • we've added chess960, another type of chess game
  • we've added puzzles with an unprecedented bonus system
  • quick response time
  • transmission time regained on the clock
  • two ways of making moves : start square/finishing square or 'drag and drop'
  • premove
  • opt for 'automatic pairings' or 'choose your opponent'
  • wide choice of rates of play, 3 customizable rates of play
  • 13 chessboard designs, 20 piece designs

Other functions:

  • look back at the game
  • watch games that are underway
  • we've redone the solutions for completed puzzles


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