Plaisa - There are so many cool games you can play here!

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There are so many cool games you can play here!



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You need to defeat your opponents in different games and win your rewards.

  1. Classic gameplay
    There are games such as Rummy and Carrom on the very first version of Plaisa. Players can start a 5-player match in Rummy, or a 1v1 PK game to enjoy their game.
  2. Show your skill and beat your opponents;
    You will need to rely heavily on your gaming skill. Chances or luck will not bring you much advantages and only the master hands will win. Start playing games like a pro and win prizes;
  3. Various games with prize pool
    Games will be divided into different types according to the level of the prize pools. Practise your skill in free level game; Or try the low level prize pool to enjoy the game try the High level prize pool if you wanna win more prizes quickly.


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