NeoFarms - Automatic Aeroponic Indoor Garden

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Automatic Aeroponic Indoor Garden



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Introducing households and professional kitchens to the revolution of aeroponics, neoFarms is developing the appliance that grows your favorite greens automatically. Hassle-free, highly productive and fits in your kitchen or living space.

This is an innovative, simple and automatic way to have your crops in your own kitchen or home, of maximum Performance and elegant finishes in no doubt the intelligent option for cultivation of organic food.



Hunter: @difelice5000

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Woow, this is so innovative

I have approved it :)

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Wow! I really love the indoor garden.
I can cultivate my favorite veggies in my own kitchen without so many hassles.
Nice hunt!

Nice hunt @difelice5000 Every household needs this even restaurants could place this easily into a kitchen and get their own fresh food! Wonder how much energy it takes to grow food like this...

Great layout and really informative! Keep up the hunts and enjoy the day @difelice5000

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