Juicer 3kw - Fine Electric Motorbicycles - Vintage Look

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Juicer 3kw

Fine Electric Motorbicycles - Vintage Look



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This is a genuine electric motorcycle to the best vintage style, with spectacular finishes and a unique power, I invite you to know the Juicer 3kw E-Bike, a real jewel of motorcycling.

Engine: Genuine Lynch brushed DC motor
Nominal Voltage: 48
Battery Type: Safer chemistry lithium (LiFePO4) lasting ~2000 charges
Weight: ~80 lbs.
Range: ~30 miles without pedaling
Extras: 12v Motorcycle lighting, Aux. outlet
Source: http://www.juicer.bike/3kw.html

Truly beautiful and unique with a cost of 7000 dollars I think many of us do not hate to wait to try it, I'm sure you'll like it.




Hunter: @difelice5000


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Sometimes I think. These people are how they produce such a beautiful motorcycle. Then I do research on the internet. Coming up to such thin and elegant motorcycles. Nice product.


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Vehicles such as motorcycles and bicycles make life easier in everyday life. Now the electric motorcycles are out. These are more efficient and more useful. Perfect hunt.

Am planning on getting an electric bike because they are really cool and awesome compared to other bikes which are traditionally. The design of this particular is astounding

Juicer 3 kW is a powerful hardware-manufactured electric motorcycle. A great motorcycle with a special design. Two wheel castors. A great tool with a slim body. Thanks for the hunt.

The Harley of Electro bikes. Looks really cool, but $7000 is a lot of money for an e-bike. Is a nice hunt, I am informed again.