RTX 2070 AERO ITX - Real-Time Ray Tracing In Games

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Real-Time Ray Tracing In Games



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The latest addition to the company appeared MSI to card NVIDIA GeForce own a card RTX 2070 AERO ITX , which produced Hdithaoha graphics targeting mini-ITX card market while it is smaller graphics card RTX 2070 has been detected so far.

In order to access this form factor MSI has removed some features from this card, NVlink is the first to be removed from features that would be reasonable considering that the card is meant for ITX systems and it helps to further simplify the design and give much needed space To other panel components, thus reducing the overall cost of the card.

The card also lacks a VirtualLink-USB-C connector that provides power, video, and data for Virtual Reality speakers. This can be a problem with the DisplayLink compatible with the VR headset or display, although there are not many of them now, so it's not a problem. At present .




Hunter: @diaehamzawi


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I'll be purchasing one of these soon i'm excited to see what it can do mining too. :)

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