STone8 - Interactive robot with Bluetooth for kids

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Interactive robot with Bluetooth for kids



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STone8 is the new robot from the company KIDS STATION TOYS INC which was developed for children from 6 years. The robot is movement and sound intensive, reacts to touch and hand movements, can fight with other STone8 robots and can be controlled and programmed by an app. Let him dance to your favourite song! His eyes blink and his antenna glows in several colors to express his mood.

• Real Interactive friend
• Light up eyes and antenna express emotions
• Sensors allow STone8 to explore
• Play games
• Interacts with other STone8
• Works with STone8 App


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It's a very cute little toy. I like this toy.

The kids are gonna love this tiny interactive robot which reacts while touching. This makes the kid happy the most. I am pretty much ure kids go crazy when they will see this robot dancing.

Cool Hunting!

Kids of current era are way smarter than of our time in general, I am not talking about exceptional cases. "STone8" has enough features to raise their curiosity, and fascinate them to go find some more in this direction, I mean technology, robotics etc, and it being a toy, is fun to play with as well.

I think If kids know how to programming then they can easily play with this cool robot. It would be fun entertainment for kids enjoyment and learning.

Looks like a fun robot for kids with awesome design and can easily be controlled from the cell phone with Bluetooth pairing nice hunt the kids will enjoy while playing with this little robot

Awesome ONe!
YOu always come up with helpful toys for kids and I am sure they gonna love it. It could be a best option for gift and while playing they will also learn something.
Thank You and Have a GooD DaY!

Love it. It is not just a toy, look at the level of sofistication. It is indeed a robot.
What's the price???

Nice and cool robot which is feature loaded robot. I like its look and funny design. Kids are going to love it.

WoW it looks like quite a happy little creature perfect for kids ages 6 & above, i really like it coz it has a motion and sound sensitive body that moves and gromes on users commands pretty amazing in addition users can download it's native app & pair it up via blue-tooth for more interesting features. i think with such variety of feature it's truly worth buying. Excellent Search

Looks like its more of a toy than a robot however Bluetooth connectivity is there which makes its operation easy. Surely a good product for kids.

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This one is the most beautiful robot for kids I see until today , so many features for smart and intelligent kids . Really great hunt my friend, congrats.

Cool hunt dear friend
Everyday we see many new robots are launching in the market. I like this one and hope kidz will really while playing with it.
Thanks for sharing with us.

That's a wired looking toy! But yeah, kids sometimes love wired kinds of stuff. Also, they can learn basic programming through it. Nice find!

Interesting find. Now a days robots are very useful over all the world. It looks so beautiful. It is best friend of our kids. Many cool features of this robot. You can give the command this robot follow it. You give this robot to dance a song this robot performed.

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