ROBOTICS TXT Discovery Set - Children learn to build and program intelligent robots

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ROBOTICS TXT Discovery Set

Children learn to build and program intelligent robots


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The Robotics TXT Discovery Set will enthusiastically introduce children from the age of 10 into the new world of technology. While playing they learn how to build a mobile exploration robot and how to set up a monitoring station or an alarm system in the WLAN network. Many other models can be built and programmed with the 310 components. Since all components are compatible, the set can be supplemented with further Fischertechnik component boxes.



Hunter: @depot69

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Awesome hunt. This was on my bookmark. But you are quicker to maké a great hunt.
I saw lot of learning in this mini product. Even assemby and operation of this car is joyful.
Great hunt.

Future belongs to robotics due to advent and revolution of the technological advancements with every passing moment. To involve the coming generations into robotics has become the need of hour.

ROBOTICS TXT Discovery Set is a wonderful way to involve the kiddies to make the various robots with 310 components. It surely will give them the complete concept clearance about robotics.

On the other hand kids can learn the basics of robotics in a fun way. This is the best way to nurture the young generations to adopt the culture of technological advancement from the beginning. Highly appreciated the efforts to bring this awesome hunt on the platform. GREAT job done @depot69 :)

This product is really a good product because through this product they can learn to build a robot. Good learning product and nice hunt.


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