Crealev - Presentation of floating objects

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Presentation of floating objects



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Crealev develops products and projects in the fields of magnetic levitation technology, product design and product presentations. The patented technology of floating objects has already been used in various projects. It has been used by artists, but also by international companies for marketing purposes. Magnets that repel each other, in combination with electronics, ensure that the floating things remain in position and can also rotate. This provides a 360° view and is an eye-catcher for the audience.




Hunter: @depot69

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Look at you go! Well done, your post has been cleared for liftoff--Keep it up Hunter!

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now i know the technology will always revolutionize how we use something

It will be fun if we find something floating. I like it. It can be used for marketing a product.

Nice hunt!

Crealev, Presentation of floating objects is a beautiful way to share something towards audience. I love the design and idea as well.

Pretty interesting to see the development of magnets. When I was a kid, I just used them to play with sand dancing on top of a paper with the magnet below it on the other side of the paper.

The image that struck me.the most here was the one with the maniquine. This gives another level of excellence when presenting works of art. Nice hunt.

The system is quite simple actually, just the use of two magnets that repels each other, and you will get a fantastic awesome product. It almost looks like magic seeing the objects floating and rotating like that. It is eye catching, and will be an excellent addition to help in sales and marketing.

Crealev is needed by sellers, or clothing shop owners and others.
because this sophisticated technology product can make the items we display to look floating, and this will make consumers interested in spending it.
Crealev is a great and innovative technology.

Great technology developed by Crealev around the magnetic levitation technology. If we start having products around the technology we would see more innovative products in the market that solves great problems. Great hunt mate and thanks for sharing.

Magnets have always fascinated me, I used to make old CD disks float with tiny neodymium magnets, looks cool seeing products floating using magnets. Nice hunt!

This product that floats in the air is so amazing to me. If I use this device to display what I'm trying to sell, I think it will attract people's attention and increase the volume of things sold.

Wao beyond belief...
Defying gravity is fascinating, isn't it???
May be some day we humans can also levitate...

It's visually attractive for people to see objects floating in the air and this would probably help increase the sale of products being presented with Craelev.

Most lovable Crealev

Wow!What a cool Hunt for product presentation.It become easy now for audience because it can rotate in a complete angle and this will make them a eye-catcher view for them.Also it design is also very cool.Thanks for sharing this hunt!

Awesome hunt! best of luck 👍👍👍

giphy (2).gif

Awesome Hunt @depot69

Its amazing that Apple and Nike have already used this Crealev. Now it is going to be opened to public. Its the main gadget for Business organiazations to attract the customers. It can help you to float any type of objects. I saw it has been used in levitating lamp. That floating lamp was absolutely awesome. Good for decoration of materials in your house. Super cool!!!!


@depot69 cool hunt. How great this design is with these magnetic field creating floating objects. So innovative. Great hunt.

The idea is really great. No need of creating holograms because this one will do the tasks of displaying your products well.

It's a great product. I can put a lot of things on display. Especially, it would be really cool to have a robot plastic model on display. I'd like to use it. Thank you for sharing.

I think this is an awesome way to present the products in a beautiful way with an angle of 360 degrees. There is no need for the other technicalities as it is the best and simple way to make the products prominent. Beautiful hunt :)

If it has been done a few years ago, people might have started calling it magic. Levitating tech is cool and it has made this presentation just excellent.

i was just wondering what type of technology was used during the manufacturing. i got to understand when i read this line Magnets that repel each other
As a user, this checking out if this product has a 360° view is the first step to look out for and i am glad it has it.

A very interesting product, I think we will see more and more such innovations in the future. It is pretty cool to be honest, very cool actually:)

It is a great technology and for presentation or in exhibition it can attract a lot of people. I have heard about levitation technology but I think its application is very limited. Excellent hunt of the day.

Thank you and Have a great day.

If the product is floating in the air, it will definitely appear as more valuable product. It is also impressive to rotate by itself. If you use it as a marketing tool in events such as product briefings of high-end home appliances, you can see a great effect.

Advancement in presentation of consumer goods is worth applaud. Thanks for bringing it here. It's definitely going to trend globally.

This is great for museums, imagine that, all the treasures floats in front of your eyes, and give you the great 360 view. Not more moving around and fighting for the perfect angle to see the artifact. This is good news to me.

I also thought of museums at first. But it's also great for jewellery stores if they can present Rolex and Cartier that way.

Wow Excellent hunt

For presenting a product it is very useful. IT rotate itself so we give our presentation neatly.

Simply super

Thanks for sharing

A great tool to give a beautiful presentation to your store, giving a futuristic and technological touch that gives a good taste to see, certainly a great step for what attracting customers is concerned. No doubt this can give a great aesthetic appeal to your store.

Great tool for product presentation. It makes the presentation cooler. You don't have to constantly move places to see all side because the products is already rotating.

This product is good for a museum, and also good for those who are in the marketing field. They can present their product in a better way.

Wow, This is really good for presentation. With this, Maker can promote their product in a better way. They can show their product in a professional way. And people will also like to see this.

Crealev is a very different type of idea. I can't believe that it works. Awesome piece of great idea.

That is quite amazing how it levitates and make our mind go crazy trying to understand it. Pretty cool product with futuristic actions.

Great product for PR and retail, it give the wahoo effect for any product presentation. Thanks for sharing it @depot69

For great presentation in the showcases, this is a very effective way out. It looks like a lot of research has been done and put into action to attract the attention of the humans in a fast-paced life. Great work.

Presentation of floating objects is an idea which shows how human brain works and invents the unique ideas. Love it

Hi @depot69

I love this hunt, technology is really taking over everything. The product is a good one.

I think it is a very strange idea. Often I could see things floating in the air with a very luxurious interior in manga and movies. The possibility of introducing such an interior directly is like a feeling of being the protagonist in the movie. I would like to try it once because I can change the atmosphere of the house very luxuriously.

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Great hunt..
The patented technology of floating objects has already been used in various projects. It has been used by artists

It's a fun device to float things. Adults know it's done by using the power of magnetism, but young children may be curious and curious. I think it will work better if people express it in public places.

the product is best for marketing and promotion of the products and yes baby companies use it for the promotion and marketing...
excellent hunt friend keep on hunting...

This product is too useful in our life.Good product you shared.Keep good hunting

I like this, it's crazy. I have a shoe store, so my clients will love it and they will draw your attention when placing any model in this. great hunting

Best usage of technology. Awesome hunt must be promoted.

Very unique technology.look very attractive for commercial use.nice post.

I have never seen anything like this before and this is very innovative. I am sure we are going to see this for years to come in various retail outlets around the world.


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I think it can be used at home as a decorative element if you put something attractive there.