Portfolio - A platform to learn invest by investing

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A platform to learn invest by investing



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Portfolio is a platform to learn invest by investing. It allows people to invest intelligently, with all the bells and whistles of a portfolio manager. Its demo period runs on Amazon Web Services credits so we there will be no fees for anything. You can also have 35 USD Christmas Present chance when you sign up.

Sign up now to be eligible to win our Christmas present of 35 USD (25 GBP) for whoever has the acount with the highest return before Christmas!





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It is said that practical learning is really important and essential for true learning. if we just go through a lot of theories regarding investment we will not learn that much if we just to directly go to the market of investment. nice share

It's a good idea to learn the basics of investing on platforms like this - I would give a warning though that investing virtually is very different from investing with real money - your emotions are not the same.

The portfolio is a platform that allows people to invest intelligently,


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