Custody Bot - ATM Size machine to sell, buy and pawn gold items

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Custody Bot

ATM Size machine to sell, buy and pawn gold items



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Custody Bot is a robotized ATM size machine used for assaying, buying, storing pawned gold items as well as for the sale of gold coins and small gold bars. This unique equipment can be successfully used in such operations as buying up scrap or gold items, evaluation and temporary custody of precious metals, credit on the security of precious metals and selling invest gold. It is an easy way to sell, buy and pawn gold items.


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Nice medium to buy gold and I hope it should be easy to use and convenient.

This is a cool way to automate pawning and create better margins for businesses and better deals for customers.

I like the invention and hope to see it growing. thanks for sharing..

Great hunt dear friend
This is really an amazing and innovative bot through which we can easily buy and sell gold items.
Thanks for sharing with us.

Custody Bot looks a new bot to sell, buy and pawn gold items, thanks for sharing

In theory this is a good idea - in practice I think you might get more for your gold jewelry selling to a jeweller as the craftsmanship of the jewelry has value too.

All those in the business of buying and selling gold items will need this tool. Good one and thanks for sharing


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