resqhammer - emergency hammer

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emergency hammer



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Hunter's comment

It is a safety tool to use in the car, it is easy to use and has a support that will keep it within reach of the driver in case of an emergency. You can break the side windows of the car. Its sharp blade allows to cut the safety belt.

resqhammer is designed only for use in vehicular emergency situations and should not be used for any purpose other than rescue.



Hunter: @deisip67

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It will be nice to have one in my car in case of an emergency.
Good hunt!

Useful stuff, i like it!
Other type, of course, but i have one in my car, my office desk, and in the pocket of my jacket too :) Maybe once need it, who know...

A good tool for emergencies, not only serve you but for others, in case of other injured we can help them easily, you can have in our car, does not take space, and is a necessary tool, excellent hunting