PERISCOPE GLASSES - Designed with reflections and double mirrors

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Designed with reflections and double mirrors



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Hunter's comment

Hello, look what I found, when I saw some articles, I read that this was for lazy people, but I do not think so; I think it will be very useful for sick people who are in bed and can not move and can not even read a book or watch television. But it came, the glasses PERISCOPE GLASSES, actually I see them very useful.

These glasses are made with double mirror, especially to read horizontally.

Note: They will give you normal site just at a different angle, they will not mirror your view. Therefore they work great for reading!

Look at this, it's just an example:



Hunter: @deisip67

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We present a new technology glass today, it is very good that we can do many things with this glass.


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wonderful glasses i can follow u and upvote.@aryaan