Yubico YubiKeys - Secure your passwords with a physical software key

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Yubico YubiKeys

Secure your passwords with a physical software key



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Security is very important to everyone and one of the weakest points of security is a user password. People like to make things easy, so they use weak passwords. With a YubiKey, you can have the best of both words, by having secure passwords and ease of use.

YubiKey works with most password applications, like logging into your Mac/PC or signing into your Google, Twitter or any other service or account that needs a password.

YubiKey connects via USB-A, USB-C or NFC, depending on your need. It handles several security protocols, such as FIDO2, U2F, Smart card and OTP. And, it is waterproof and crush resistance, so you don't have to handle it with a delicate touch.

And a touch is all you need to use it. You just insert the YubiKey and touch it to activate it for logging in. Or, if you have a NFC enabled Android device, it is as simple as touching the YubiKey to the NFC reader.




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Excellent... just don’t lose that too.

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Well, since you sign up for it, I'm guess you can recover your passwords when you purchase a new key.


That is the key.

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Yubikeys are dope


I did a search on steem hunt and didn't find it. I guess I will have to do a search using something else.


Sorry for the confusion! 😄Yeah these guys are such sticklers LOL you gotta try multiple searches each time, the company name and the brand and model 😂